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At Joyce Construction LLC, we’re more than just contractors in Meadowdale, WA; we’re your partners in enhancing the beauty, functionality, and value of your Meadowdale home. With a passion for perfection, we’ve built our reputation on unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

“Every project is a canvas, and we paint it with expertise, turning your dreams into reality. Our mission is to transform your house into a home, where you’ll find comfort, style, and joy in every corner. We take pride in exceeding expectations, and we invite you to experience the difference with Joyce Construction LLC. Your vision, our expertise, a better tomorrow.”
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Mike Joyce

Owner of Joyce Construction

Client Success Stories

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M Dolati
M Dolati
Called several companies to come and take a look at my roof, almost all scheduled a week or two out. Called Joyce and they were inspecting my roof in an hour, amazing service !!
Holly Vowell
Holly Vowell
I had a difficult time getting a response from other general contractors, but you were quick to respond and did quality work in the quickest time possible available to you. The new flooring in my rooms look great and the new windows have saved me money on my electric bill. Thank you for sending polite, considerate workers that don’t leave a mess behind. My basement looked like a dungeon and needed a updated model. My floors were replaced, fireplace refaced, and doors replaced. I now have a up to date downstairs that I enjoy daily. Thank you for the quality work your team provided.
Tina Joyce
Tina Joyce
"My house needed lots of TCL and Joyce Construction came to my rescue. They replaced my roof, remodeled my laundry room, replaced my windows and other odd jobs that were needed. I am very pleased with the quality of work and the knowledge of the construction team. Thank you for making my house a home! "
justin richardson
justin richardson
I had a great experience with Joyce Construction. They exceeded my expectations on our project. I would definitely recommend
Sean Richard
Sean Richard
One of the best I've encountered. Great work,quick,accurate, and accommodating. Very professional look.
Harry Kahuhu
Harry Kahuhu
Joyce Construction does excellent work. They treat their customers really well and perform to expectations. I would recommend, and have recommended, Joyce Construction to anyone.
Andreas Lymbropoulos
Andreas Lymbropoulos
Worked with Michael many moons ago. He’s professional, talented, organized, a community member, and on time. Don’t look anywhere else!
Ted Kolb
Ted Kolb
He keeps his promises and delivers quality no matter what, that is rare among general contractors and keeps him at the top of my list. I just wish he wasn't so busy so he could work on all my projects. One of the good ones!
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What We Offer

Our Meadowdale, WA Home Improvement & Construction Services

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Fence Installation in Meadowdale, WA

Have you been longing for privacy and security on your property? At Joyce Construction LLC, we specialize in fence installation services that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your Meadowdale, WA property but also provide the safety and privacy you deserve. Our experienced team excels in creating durable and beautiful fences tailored to your unique needs, ensuring your peace of mind.

Roof Replacements in Meadowdale, WA

Worried about an aging or damaged roof affecting your home's safety? Our roof replacement services in Meadowdale, WA are your solution. With top-notch materials and skilled professionals, we transform your roof, guaranteeing protection and peace of mind. Don't compromise on safety – choose Joyce Construction LLC.

Roof Repairs in Meadowdale, WA

Roof leaks and damage can be daunting. However, our Meadowdale-based roof repair services are here to fix those issues promptly. Our experts will identify the problem's root cause and provide lasting solutions, ensuring your home stays dry and secure.

Roof Claims in Meadowdale, WA

Dealing with roof damage claims can be frustrating. Let us simplify the process for you. Our experienced team will guide you through every step of the roof claims process in Meadowdale, ensuring a hassle-free experience and efficient claim resolution.

Siding in Meadowdale, WA

Is your home's exterior looking worn and weathered? Our siding services in Meadowdale, WA are designed to give your property a fresh and appealing appearance. We offer a variety of siding options and expert installation, enhancing your home's beauty and protection.

Windows in Meadowdale, WA

Are drafty windows affecting your home's energy efficiency? Our window services in Meadowdale, WA offer the perfect solution. We provide high-quality window installation, ensuring your home stays comfortable and energy-efficient throughout the seasons.

Bathroom Remodeling in Meadowdale, WA

Dreaming of a bathroom makeover? Our bathroom remodeling services in Meadowdale, WA are tailored to your unique style and preferences. We transform your bathroom into a tranquil and functional space that complements your lifestyle.

Kitchen Remodeling in Meadowdale, WA

Tired of outdated kitchen designs? Our kitchen remodeling services in Meadowdale, WA breathe new life into your cooking space. We offer innovative designs and quality craftsmanship, turning your kitchen into the heart of your home. Joyce Construction LLC is your local solution to all these challenges, ensuring quality services and expert care in Meadowdale, WA.

Cabinet Painting in Meadowdale, WA

Discover elevated interiors in Meadowdale, WA with our premium finishes at Joyce Construction. Infuse your living spaces with local essence, trusting our skilled craftsmanship to reflect your unique style. Opt for superior quality with Joyce Construction, bringing a touch of Meadowdale charm to every stroke. Transform your home with our specialized cabinet painting services, tailored to enhance the distinctive appeal of Meadowdale, WA.
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We listen, discuss, and plan, aligning your vision with our expertise.
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Precision Execution

Our skilled team brings your project to life with top-notch craftsmanship.
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Completion & Satisfaction

We deliver on time, ensuring your happiness with the end result.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We provide a wide range, including shingles, metal, and more, tailored to your needs.
Yes, our team assists with insurance claims, ensuring a smooth process.
Absolutely, we offer various siding options to match your style and requirements.
Timelines vary, but we strive to complete projects efficiently, typically within 6-8 weeks.
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General Contractor in Meadowdale, WA

Nestled in the vibrant Meadowdale, WA community, Joyce Construction LLC proudly serves a population of over 2,000 residents. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, with services spanning from Fence Installation to Kitchen Remodeling.

Meadowdale’s picturesque landscapes deserve protection, and we’re here to safeguard your vision. Our local presence is your assurance of quick, responsive service, tailored to your unique needs.

With a population that values quality, you can trust Joyce Construction LLC’s expertise. Join hands with us to transform your living spaces, one project at a time. Contact us today and experience the unparalleled craftsmanship that sets us apart. Your dream project awaits.

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About Meadowdale, WA

Meadowdale is a census-designated place (CDP) located in Snohomish County, Washington. As of the 2020 U.S. census, it had a population of 3,148. It was the first incorporated city in Snohomish County A post office called Meadowdale was established in 1904, and remained in operation until 1938. The community was named for a meadow near the original town site. == Geography == Meadowdale is located along the eastern edge of Possession Sound in an area bounded by the cities of Edmonds and Lynnwood to the south, 148th Street Southwest to the north, and 52nd Avenue West to the east. All residences in the area use Edmonds addresses. The land area is 1.07 sq. miles.The area has been the target of annexation efforts in the early 21st century by Edmonds and Lynnwood as well as Mukilteo.

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Meadowdale, North Town Woods

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