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Joyce Construction is your trusted general contractor in Bremerton, WA, offering top-quality roofing, fence installation, and home remodeling services. Our skilled team delivers exceptional craftsmanship and personalized solutions to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home.

Welcome back to our exploration of the vibrant cities we serve. Today, we head over to Bremerton, WA, located at coordinates 47.5673° N, 122.6329° W. With a population nearing 41,000, this Puget Sound city is a dynamic blend of bustling industry, technological advancement, and splendid natural beauty.

Bremerton stands tall with its robust maritime industry, hosting the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, a testament to its legacy. The city harmoniously melds this industrial prowess with an array of enchanting attractions. Imagine residing near the scenic Harborside Fountain Park or the vibrant Kitsap County Historical Society Museum, right here in Bremerton!

For homeowners here, our tailored Home Improvement & Construction services weave in seamlessly. Picture this, you’re at 4160 Papoose Pl NE, and you want to remodel your bathroom to reflect the refreshing maritime vibe. Our experts, after a short 20-minute drive from Bremerton, will be knocking at your door, ready to bring your vision to life.

Our expertise in roof repair and replacement goes beyond practical solutions. We understand Bremerton’s wet, temperate climate, so our roofing solutions are designed to withstand the elements while enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal. Similarly, our window installations serve a dual purpose, presenting you with energy efficiency and a view worth framing.

Indeed, our wide array of services, from fence installation to cabinet painting and siding installation, embody the spirit of Bremerton – a perfect blend of functionality and elegance. With every project we undertake, we aim to reflect the unique character of your neighborhood, right in your homes.

In conclusion, we’re more than just a Home Improvement & Construction company. We’re your neighbors, ready to serve you. So, Bremerton homeowners, let’s get started on that dream project today. Your home, our expertise – let’s create something special in the heart of Bremerton.

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Who we are

Bremerton's Premier Construction Company

Joyce Construction is more than just a construction company. Based in Bremerton, WA, we’re a team of dedicated professionals with a shared vision of crafting beautiful, long-lasting homes that enhance our community. With our wide array of services from roofing to window installations, we’re committed to delivering quality work that mirrors the unique spirit of Bremerton, while honoring the diverse preferences and needs of our clients.

“Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to delivering exceptional results that exceed your expectations. From the initial consultation to the final touches, we prioritize open communication and collaboration to ensure that your vision is fully realized.”

Picture of Mike Joyce
Mike Joyce

Owner of Joyce Construction


Hear It Straight from the Happy Bremerton, WA Homeowners

See what our satisfied customers have to say about their experience with Joyce Construction!

M Dolati
M Dolati
Called several companies to come and take a look at my roof, almost all scheduled a week or two out. Called Joyce and they were inspecting my roof in an hour, amazing service !!
Holly Vowell
Holly Vowell
I had a difficult time getting a response from other general contractors, but you were quick to respond and did quality work in the quickest time possible available to you. The new flooring in my rooms look great and the new windows have saved me money on my electric bill. Thank you for sending polite, considerate workers that don’t leave a mess behind. My basement looked like a dungeon and needed a updated model. My floors were replaced, fireplace refaced, and doors replaced. I now have a up to date downstairs that I enjoy daily. Thank you for the quality work your team provided.
Tina Joyce
Tina Joyce
"My house needed lots of TCL and Joyce Construction came to my rescue. They replaced my roof, remodeled my laundry room, replaced my windows and other odd jobs that were needed. I am very pleased with the quality of work and the knowledge of the construction team. Thank you for making my house a home! "
justin richardson
justin richardson
I had a great experience with Joyce Construction. They exceeded my expectations on our project. I would definitely recommend
Sean Richard
Sean Richard
One of the best I've encountered. Great work,quick,accurate, and accommodating. Very professional look.
Harry Kahuhu
Harry Kahuhu
Joyce Construction does excellent work. They treat their customers really well and perform to expectations. I would recommend, and have recommended, Joyce Construction to anyone.
Andreas Lymbropoulos
Andreas Lymbropoulos
Worked with Michael many moons ago. He’s professional, talented, organized, a community member, and on time. Don’t look anywhere else!
Ted Kolb
Ted Kolb
He keeps his promises and delivers quality no matter what, that is rare among general contractors and keeps him at the top of my list. I just wish he wasn't so busy so he could work on all my projects. One of the good ones!
recent projects

Home Makeovers Galore: Check Out Our Awesome Recent Projects!

Discover the remarkable transformations achieved by Joyce Construction through our featured projects, showcasing our exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

WHY choose us

Why We're the Home Remodeling Rockstars You Need Bremerton, WA

We bring the skills, the expertise, and a dash of humor that’ll keep your renovation journey fun and exciting.

Locally-Focused Expertise

As a Bremerton-based construction firm, we understand the local market, style, and climate like no other.

Wide Range of Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including roofing, fence installation, home remodeling, cabinet painting, sidings, and windows.

Commitment to Quality

At Joyce Construction, quality is paramount. We utilize premium materials and employ skilled professionals to ensure each project is executed to the highest standards. Your satisfaction is our success.

Services We have

Our Bremerton, WA Home Improvement & Construction Services

At Joyce Construction, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of services to cater to all your construction needs. Our expertise includes:

Fence Installation in Bremerton, WA

Secure your Bremerton home while enhancing its aesthetics with our fence installation services. At Joyce Construction, we provide a range of materials and designs, reflecting Bremerton's distinct charm while ensuring your home's security.

Roof Replacements in Bremerton, WA

At Joyce Construction, we understand that your home in Bremerton, WA is your sanctuary. That's why our roof replacement service is designed to give you a sturdy, reliable roof that can withstand Bremerton's temperate climate. We'll eliminate the worry of leaks or damages, providing you with a roof that truly shelters.

Roof Repairs in Bremerton, WA

Don't let a damaged roof dampen your Bremerton living experience. Our expert roof repair services at Joyce Construction are prompt and efficient, restoring the integrity of your roof while taking Bremerton's weather conditions into consideration.

Roof Claims in Bremerton, WA

Navigating roof insurance claims can be tricky. Let Joyce Construction ease the process for you. With our local knowledge of Bremerton, WA, we guide you through the claims process, ensuring fair and accurate settlements.

Siding in Bremerton, WA

Protect and beautify your Bremerton home with our siding installation service. Joyce Construction provides a range of siding options that not only withstand Bremerton's climate but also elevate your home's curb appeal.

Windows in Bremerton, WA

Improve your view of Bremerton, WA with our window installation services. Joyce Construction offers energy-efficient windows that enhance the aesthetics while reducing your heating costs, a practical solution for Bremerton's cool winters.

Bathroom Remodeling in Bremerton, WA

In Bremerton, WA, transform your bathroom into your personal spa with Joyce Construction. We understand the need for a relaxing, functional space that can stand up to the city's climate. Our bathroom remodeling services offer you customized solutions that combine luxury with practicality, embodying Bremerton's elegant maritime character.

Kitchen Remodeling in Bremerton, WA

Make your kitchen the heart of your Bremerton home with Joyce Construction. Our kitchen remodeling services are designed to create a space that's not just about cooking, but also about living. Drawing inspiration from Bremerton's vibrant spirit, we design kitchens that are warm, inviting, and perfectly tailored to your culinary adventures.

Cabinet Painting in Bremerton, WA

Bring a touch of Bremerton's vibrant spirit into your home with our cabinet painting services. At Joyce Construction, we deliver high-quality finishes that can uplift your space and reflect your style.
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Our process

Our Process for Seamless Construction

Step 01.


We begin with an in-depth consultation to understand your specific needs, goals, and budget.

Step 02.

Planning and Design

Once we have a comprehensive understanding of your requirements, our team will create a detailed plan.

Step 03.

Skilled Execution

With our team of experienced professionals, we bring your project to life with precision and expertise.

Step 04.

Final Walkthrough

We conduct a final walkthrough with you to ensure that every aspect of the project has been completed to your satisfaction.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Q's (That's Questions, Not Quokkas): Get the Scoop!

At Joyce Construction, we specialize in a wide range of construction projects, including custom home construction, renovations, additions, and commercial building projects. Our expertise covers both residential and commercial sectors, ensuring that we can cater to diverse client needs.

The duration of a construction project can vary depending on its scope and complexity. Factors such as project size, design intricacies, and permit processes can impact the timeline. However, at Joyce Construction, we prioritize efficient project management and timely execution. During the initial consultation, we provide a detailed project timeline, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Absolutely! Our team comprises experienced professionals who can assist you with the design and planning phase of your project. We collaborate closely with you, providing expert guidance and incorporating your vision into the design process. Our goal is to ensure that your project aligns perfectly with your unique style and requirements.

Quality and craftsmanship are the cornerstones of our work at Joyce Construction. We achieve this by employing skilled craftsmen who possess extensive experience in their respective trades. Additionally, we meticulously select high-quality materials and employ stringent quality control measures throughout the construction process to guarantee exceptional results that stand the test of time.

We understand the importance of transparent and fair pricing. At Joyce Construction, we provide detailed project estimates and work closely with you to establish a budget that aligns with your financial goals. Throughout the project, we maintain open communication, keeping you informed of any changes that may impact the overall cost. Our aim is to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the pricing structure and that there are no surprises along the way.

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Get in Touch with Joyce Construction

Whether you have a clear vision in mind or need expert advice to bring your ideas to life, our team of expert general contractor  in Bremerton, WA is ready to listen, collaborate, and turn your dreams into a reality. Contact us today and let’s embark on this remarkable journey together.

Our experienced professionals are eager to discuss your project, provide personalized solutions, and deliver exceptional craftsmanship that exceeds your expectations. Don’t wait any longer – get in touch with Joyce Construction and experience the difference of working with a trusted construction partner committed to your success.

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About Bremerton, WA

Bremerton is a city in Kitsap County, Washington, United States. The population was 37,729 at the 2010 census and an estimated 41,235 in 2018, making it the largest city on the Kitsap Peninsula. Bremerton is home to Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and the Bremerton Annex of Naval Base Kitsap. Bremerton is connected to downtown Seattle by two ferries: a 60-minute ferry that carries both vehicles and walk-on passengers, and a 28-minute Fast Ferry that carries passengers and a limited number of bicycles.

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